Bim One Production

Genre: Electronic Reggae / Neo Stepper / Sound System Music

Bim oneは東京をベースに活動するレゲエのリズムの進化を促すエレクトロニック・レゲエ・リズム・プロダクション。 メンバーに東京オリジナル・ラガマフィン・グループRub-A-Dub Marketのサウンドの要であるe-muraと、DJ兼トラックメーカーである1TA a.k.a. DJ 1TA-RAWが在籍。 「世界基準のサウンドシステム・ミュージック」をコンセプトにドスの効いたサウンドプロダクションを提供、国内のみならず海外のアーティストとのコラボレーション、Remixなど様々な形で作品を生産。2014年結成、始動。 (for English) Bim One Production is a Tokyo based electric Reggae riddim production unit formed in 2014 to take Reggae Riddim to the next level. Bim One consists 2 DJ/Trackmakers. e-mura and 1TA a.k.a. DJ 1TA-RAW. e-mura is a trackmaker of Tokyo original Raggamuffin group "Rub-A-Dub Market" also They had been in PART2STYLE and had made all of tracks/riddim of them. The concept of Bim One pruduction is "world standard soundsystem music" they has been already producing and remixing fat, edgy and forward thinking reggae sound. They also collaborating with domestic and oversea artists. Their first release will be "Gun Shot E.P." with French MC Shanti D.