Genre: 170bpm

Lynne is a female DJ based in Tokyo. She started exploring drum and bass sounds around 2011, and subsequently became more deeply involved in music as a result of of a period spent living in London. Since returning to Tokyo Lynne has become active as a DJ, playing at a range of events including at Goth-Trad’s famed ‘Back to Chill’ party. In 2015 she gained more attention through an impressive mix that placed her as a finalist in a Samurai Music mix competition. In her sets, Lynne is interested in exploring experimental bass sounds building out of drum & bass. Lynneは東京を拠点として活動する日本人DJ。 2011年よりドラムンベースを中心にベースミュージックに傾倒し、同時に渡英。ロンドンでの音楽体験を経て、帰国後にDJ活動をスタート。 2015年3月に行われたベルリン拠点のレーベルSamurai Music主催のDJ Competitionでは優勝し、ロンドンで行われたレーベルパーティーでプレイする。翌年にはElectronic Explorations Japan specialに参加し、ポッドキャストを提供。 ドラムンベースから派生した実験的なベースサウンドを自在に操り、エモーショナルなグルーヴに昇華させるのが彼女のプレイスタイル。 ■Lynne - Samurai Music DJ Competition Finalists ■ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS JAPAN Special Wednesday (水) – Lynne (Tokyo, Japan) ■