Genre: Techno/Techhouse/House/Minimal/Deephouse


KAZUMA ONISHI DJ / PRODUCER / MGA SOUND in Melbourne , Australia from Japan He has started under the name of "DJ CONi" in 2010. started out in Nagoya, Japan and refined his DJ style there until 2012, after that he moved to Tokyo and went onto play some of the more reputable clubs such as Ageha, Asia and Vision. He made Melbourne his base in and is known for his thinking out of the box style , marvelluos technique that handle up to 4 lines with vinyl records and CDJs that will be spinning techno / minimal / tech house / deep house. His elaborate skill attracts all crowd in the world. He belonged "TANG EVENT COMPANY" as the only Japanese resident DJ since 2013 that is biggest Asian event company in Melbourne. In addition , He had acquired variety genre of experience such as Hip hop , R&B , EDM , Melbourne Bounce and Future House , etc in these several years. After that , he worked with Italian event company "Versus" that mainly runs techno events In 2016. Moreover, He has set up own event company with partner , called "MGA SOUND" to widen width of the activity in 2017 that focus on Japanese artists (past Guest DJs, KEN ISHII , Drunken Kong) and culture to inspire their events. Furthermore , He has started creating tracks in 2015 and his tracks have been released from 4beat records , Technosforz and Mona Records. First performance in overseas music Festival Played as DJ on main stage at earthcore2015 that is one of the biggest rave in Australia gathered around 40K people. Second performance in overseas music Festival Played as DJ at Strawberry Fields 2017 in Australia that gathered around 10K people. Various quarters have great expectations for his future activities. in Japan club ageHa (Tokyo) Asia (Tokyo) resident dj Vision (Tokyo) club Mago(Nagoya) Emporium(Nagoya) club About(Nagoya) resident dj & organiser club jb's(Nagoya) club Edits(Nagoya) resident dj & organizer Cheval(Osaka) resident dj Onzieme(osaka) Giraffe(osaka) Osaka namura(osaka) festival , guest dj Steave Aoki(2010) and more in Australia loop(melbourne)resident dj & organiser Bond bar(melbourne)resident dj club Seven(melbourne)resident dj shed 14(melbourne)2014 nye guest dj Marlo Royal melbourne hotel(melbourne) hush bar (melbourne)2013 nye earthcore 2015(melbourne, festival) main stage sub club(melbourne) Brown Alley(melbourne) New Guernica(melbourne) My Aeon(melbourne) KISS-FM(melbourne) Strawberry Fields 2017 (NSW Festival) and more Enquiries MGA SOUND mgainfo.au@gmail.com