Genre: Others

K.A.N.T.A a son of K.U.D.O(Major Force/Mo'Wax) was born on the independence day. Before his music career started 3 years ago,he lived in london for 12 years and was a professional football player in Argentina. After completing his demo album he was soon to be recognized by James Lavelle and Giles Peterson which quickly led him to do an official remix for UNKLE and Lupe Fiasco’s song called “The Runaway” at James Lavelle's studio in november 2010. Without any official release a buzz has already been created in the music/fashion scene in Tokyo. Throwing party with stussy, heavy support by Warp magazine(the most high-end/best culture magazine in JP), Interviewed by Space Shower TV and being noticed by important people in the music/fashion industry but far from those whose an instant celebrity. Becoming an icon in Tokyo is too easy for K.A.N.T.A. He is a self produced artist in the digital age,handles public relation with fashion brands on his own, and once in contact he plants seeds intended to create innovative ideas and ways to evolve a person or institution. Beyond his gaze is to bring back people who is brain washed by the wack world to the real world. Of?cial Website : http://kantaland.com