Kiyoshi Sugo

Genre: エレクトロニック

JP: 2009年に始動。オンラインで世界中に公開された数々の楽曲が国境の枠を飛び越えて注目を浴び話題となり、世界各地のアーティスト (Dimitri From Paris “This Is Your Life”、Hardfloor “Acperience 1″、Sunshine “New Manifesto”、Futurecop! “Transformers”、GARI “I Need Your Love” and “Nu=Dance” etc.) へのリミックス提供を手掛ける。また、サウンドメイキング、ミュージックビデオ、ジャケットなどのアートディレクション&デザイン、スタイリングまでを全て自身が手掛けている。 2011年3月9日 Debut EP “KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR” をリリース。iTunes Store エレクトロニックチャート初登場2位を記録。ボーカルに”Amandah Wilkinson from Operator Please” をフィーチャーし、リミキサーにはドイツのテクノ、アシッドハウスユニット”Hardfloor”が参加。 2011年9月7日 “虹” という意味を持つ、初のオリジナルフルアルバム “AO AKUA” をリリース。ボーカルに”Amandah Wilkinson” from Operator Please 、”YOW-ROW” from GARI 、”Matt Bellamy” from SUBKICKS 、”TeddyLoid” 、”THE KBC” をフィーチャーしてプロデュース。アルバムのオープニングナンバー “Awaking” (featuring I Hate This Place) が、iTunes Store “今週のシングル” に選出もされ、iTunes Store エレクトロニックチャート最高位2位を記録。 近年では上述のDimitri From Paris “This Is Your Life” のリミックス提供のほか、TGC Girls Collection in Shanghai 2012での楽曲提供 (約12,000人動員予定)、映像BGM制作と多方面で活躍中。 EN: Started from 2009, Kiyoshi Sugo has been started to establish his music though Internet world. Besides, on the same year, he started his remix works with different worldwide artists who located in different area of the world. Artist whom Kiyoshi Sugo cooperated with are such as Dimitri From Paris “This Is Your Life “, Hardfloor ”Acperience 1″, Sunshine “New Manifesto” , Gari ” I Need Your Love” and “Nu=Dance “. On the other hand, according to all the sound making, music video, art work, art direction, designing and styling are all produced by Kiyoshi Sugo himself. The debut EP “KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR” has been released on 9th March,2011. Besides, this “KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR” EP had reached to the top 2 ranking in the electronic chart of iTunes Store. On 7th September, 2011, Kiyoshi Sugo has released his first original album that names “AO AKUA” and which is meaning as rainbow. Famous Vocalist are all featuring for this album production, such as “Amandah Wilkinson” from Operator Please 、”YOW-ROW” from GARI 、”Matt Bellamy” from SUBKICKS 、”TeddyLoid” and “THE KBC”. The major track of this album “Awaking” is featuring with “I Hate This Place”. Besides, “Awaking” had been chosen as the recommend single of the week in iTunes Store, and also achieved the top 2 ranking in the electronic chart of iTunes Store. This recent year, Kiyoshi Sugo is producing the remix of Dimitri From Paris’s track which named “This Is Your Life”. Kiyoshi Sugo had also been chosen to be one of the producers for producing the background music for the famous and huge fashion event of this year, Tokyo Girls Collection Shanghai 2012 (around 12,000 people is being attended for this event). Therefore, for recently Kiyoshi Sugo is now producing many different kinds of tracks and having multiple productions in different cooperations.