Genre: Nu age SciFi raVer pRiest


DJ KILLIN (PANDORA) 幼少期〜少年時代をインドネシアにて過ごし、漫画を描いたり心霊現象について研究したり魔術を独学したりする事を好む。中高時代バンドでベースを弾くようになり現地のストリートパンク共と交流を持つ。2000年カナダへ留学、日本語ラッパーとして活動しフリースタイル・サイファーを行う時の精神の解放具合を追求。日本へ帰国後ラップを通じて出会った仲間達とヒップホップ、ドラムンベース、ハウス、テクノ等多様性のあるパーティーを開始。オーガナイザー兼DJとして活動する。パーティーを通じて日本アングラに存在する様々な表現者達と出会い影響を受け、ハードウェアを使用しセッション形式で音楽制作を行う。現在は自身の企画するテクノ/アンビエントパーティーPANDORAをBar BONOBOにて定期開催中。 DJ KILLIN (PANDORA) DJ Killin spent his childhood in Indonesia, where he started creating comic books and erotic novels from an early age along with studying the occult and various psychic phenomena. As a young teenager he started playing bass and became involved in the local punk scene. He moved to Canada in 2000 at the age of 18, where he started rapping and experimenting with freestyle performance art. Returning to Japan in his mid-20s, he began his career as a drum and bass DJ, organizing parties with a focus on hip hop, rap, drum and bass, house, and techno. Over the ensuing years, his exposure to the broad range of musical styles and individuals in the underground Tokyo scene has pushed him to break free of the constraints of genre, emerging with an original personal style of mixing and producing. His regular party at Bonobo, PANDORA, is a mix of friends and guests delivering techno and ambient tunes with an intimate indoor rave vibe.